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  • Front tires Rear tires
  • P0302 code present, perform misfire isolation procedure, found misfire followed the spark plug. Replace spark plugs. This is not a covered item per the SCC. Recommend emission system treatment due to excessive fuel going through the system.
  • 1. Use Step 1 In the Fuel Tank to Clean the Fuel Tank, Fuel Lines, Injectors, Return Lines. Remove Water and Vanish from the Fuel System, Increase Octane, and Fuel Economy. 2. Use Step 2 In the Crankcase to Clean the PCV System and Saturate the Sulfur and Carbon Deposits in the Emission System Increasing Exhaust Airflow and Reducing Emissions. 3. Connect the Specialized Drip tool to a Strong Vacuum Source that Leads Directly to the Intake Valves. (Brake Boost or PCV). **If Direct Injected, Pressurized spray tool must be used.** 4. DRIP Step 3 Into a Strong Vacuum Source at APPX 2-4 Drips Per Second to Remove the Carbon Deposits from the Intake Valves Increasing the Intake Airflow and Fuel Economy. 5. Remove the Specialized tool and Reconnect all Hoses and Clamps in Accordance with Manufacturer Specifications. 6. Perform Road Test for a Minimum of 15 Minutes at Highway Speed. 7. Check for Leaks, Reset all Applicable Monitors, Sensors, and Maintenance Indicators.
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