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2015 Ford Explorer


Ford Explorer

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  • Front tires 35 Rear tires 35
  • Pressure testing found coolant leaking from the water pump – Remove & Replace – advise on any additional repairs needed after tear down
  • ******** Additional parts/labor may be needed to complete repair ********
  • 1. Cycle Oil System Cleaner for 15-30 minutes Idle/Drive Time; to Remove Sludge, Neutralize Acid, Break Down Carbon and Clean Anti-Smog Valves by Vapor Action. 2. Remove the Drain Plug and Drain the Crankcase to Remove the Used Oil and Contaminants from the Oil System. 3. Remove the Oil Filter. Inspect for Obvious Damage, Corrosion and Contamination. 4. Install New Oil Filter to Help Reduce Foreign Object Deposits in the Oil System (Replace Applicable Gaskets and Seals). 5. Inspect the Drain Plug Gasket (Replace If Needed). 6. Install the Drain Plug and Torque to Factory Specification (Remark Torque Line If Faded). 7. Use JB Engine Oil Supplement in the Crankcase to Condition the Metal and Reduce Friction Drag Between Moving Parts. 8. Fill the Crankcase Engine Oil with the Manufacturer Specified Oil to Properly Lubricate the Components Throughout the Entire Oil System. 9. Use One Bottle of Justice Brothers Fuel Injection System Cleaner in the Gas Tank to Stabilize the Fuel, Clean the Fuel lines, Fuel Filter, Injectors, Remove Water and Contaminants from the Fuel System. 10. Perform Basic Vehicle Inspections 11. Reset All Maintenance Lights
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